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Sheriff Pensions - Pension Advance

As a Sheriff or Deputy you have put in your time keeping our communities safe, you have kept the public safe while putting yourself at risk for enough years now to collect your Pension. Some of you have even spent 20 years in the military and are collecting two pensions and you're ready to enjoy life and the only thing holding you back is finding a way to get a lump some of cash to pay for a home outright. To pay off all your bills to live worry free, or to have enough capital to start that business you want to run in your retirement years.  Now there is a way for you to do just that!  Some call what we offer a "Pension Advance" or a "Pension Loan", what our system does is lets you sell a fraction of your incoming pension benefits for a lump some of cash now to do with as you please. For some a "Pension Advance" is a way to pay off a Mortgage. A "Pension Sale" can be used to pay off Medical or other outstanding debt.  A "Pension Advanced can be used to purchase an RV or Boat to enjoy in your retirement years. The options are endless and we give you a way to achieve your goals.

It's easy to see what  kind of "Pension Sale" you can qualify for by filling out our online application.  A representative will take your information and create what some call a "Pension Sale" options quote letting you know based on your current pension stream what you possibly qualify for as a lump sum of cash now.  Get started today and get your Pension Advance / Retirement Leverage Quote Today!